#EURUSD … in different time frames. 21/06/18

#EURUSD … in different time frames.


#EURUSD monthly charts

an ABCD reciprocal bullish pattern at 1,04 … target 1,25 achieved


… a closer look -> descending trendline is not violated

EURUSD 2.png

monthly RSI

EURUSD 3.png

…near support zone

EURUSD 4.png

EURUSD daily chart

… ascending trendline and support zone is in danger

EURUSD 6.png

a closer look at MACD

EURUSD 7.png

EURUSD 4h chart

… the trend is downwards =lower highs -lower lows

EURUSD 8.png

RSI in 4h chart

EURUSD 9.png

MACD in 4h chart

EURUSD 10.png

EURUSD in 1h chart

… a diving board formation and a subsequent plunge … trend is also downwards

EURUSD 11.png

EURUSD 12.png

EURUSD 13.png