#US30 … shortterm long trade. 16/02/18

#US30 … shortterm long trade.


*Informational only, not a recommendation to buy or sell anything.


Point A = divergences between indicators,  low is formed

Point B = intermediate high at 61,8% and 88,6% (=different scales)

Point C = higher Low at 88,6% (confirmation at lower scales)

Entry at 23.764

Initial stop at 23.338

first target = intermediate high at 25.273

second target = possible harmonic (not ideal) pattern at 25.925

third target = reciprocal ABC at 26.470 = target of rounding formation (15m chart)

=>partial closing of position at target-points or stopped- out

US30 4H chart


US30 4h

US30 15m chart


us30 a.png